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Fighting Against Nursing Home Neglect, Abuse And Malpractice

Deciding whether or not to place an elderly family member in a nursing home or assisted living facility is often a difficult situation. However, once the choice is made, we trust the facility’s staff and medical professionals to provide our loved ones with compassionate, capable care. After all, a nursing home should be a place where the elderly go to safely enjoy a life of rest and comfort. Sadly, however, what we expect and what actually occurs in nursing homes often is quite different.

At Gash & Associates, P.C., we understand how upsetting it can be when trying to deal with nursing home abuse, neglect or malpractice. Sadly, some of us have experienced these tragedies ourselves with our own family members.

Fortunately, as a nursing home resident ― or a family member of one ― you have rights and legal recourse available. When you seek guidance from one of our attorneys, you can trust that we will do everything possible to obtain the best outcome for you, including the elimination of the harmful conduct and compensation for your injuries. We will work tirelessly to provide you with personalized, effective legal representation ― treating you as we would a member of our extended family.

If you or a family member are the victim of nursing home neglect or outright abuse, contact us today and schedule a FREE consultation to discuss your legal options. You can reach us online or call us at (914) 505-6779, or toll free at 866-GASHLAW. If you cannot make it to our office in White Plains, we will come to you. In fact, we help victims throughout New York City and the Tri-state area.

Commons Signs Of Abuse And Neglect

Nursing home victims may exhibit many warning signs, including, but not limited to:

  • Untreated bedsores
  • Unexplained injuries, including bruises, cuts, welts, burns and broken bones
  • Unusual/unexplained weight loss, which may be signs of malnutrition or other neglect
  • Torn or soiled clothing or bedding
  • Reports of medication mistakes, including dosage errors or the complete failure to administer required medications
  • Unexplained slip-and-fall accidents
  • Failure to diagnose and improperly treat acquired infections

Contact us today if you have witnessed these or any other signs of abuse or neglect. Let one of our lawyers explain how we can help you hold negligent nursing homes accountable for their actions.

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