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How drivers can stay safe on the winter roads

Residents of New York will want to head out on the road as infrequently as possible with the arrival of winter weather. Wet, icy and snowy roads lead to loss of traction and to cars spinning out of control or sliding into someone else's rear bumper. If they must head out, then they should consider the following safety tips. It all begins with slowing down.

Personal injury and death rising for pedestrians and cyclists

Auto accidents and the resulting injuries and fatalities are an ongoing problem in New York and across the nation. Given the frequency with which these accidents occur, researchers are tasked with analyzing and formulating strategies to reduce them. Part of that is accruing accident statistics.

Operation Safe Driver Week nabs 17,500 drivers for speeding

Each year, speeding drivers injure thousands of people in New York and across the U.S. In fact, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety's Highway Loss Data Institute, excess speed has been a factor in over 25% of all deadly traffic accidents since 2008. In an effort to combat the problem, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance made speed the focus of its annual Operation Safe Driver Week campaign.

Study lists 15 states by rate of teen drinking and driving

Drunk driving leads to thousands of accidents and is, in fact, a factor in a third of all driving deaths in New York and the rest of the nation. What's more, it wasn't only adults engaging in the behavior. Data from the CDC shows that 5.5% of teenagers drive after consuming alcohol.

Five tips for staying safe on the road

In 2018, an estimated 40,000 people died in auto accidents in New York and across the U.S., and 4.5 million were injured as well. Every seven seconds in this country, someone is being injured in a car crash. To reduce the risk for a crash, then, drivers will want to incorporate five tips into their driving.

Distracted driving a concern for teen passengers

Distracted driving poses a real threat on New York roads. Texting, surfing the internet or even using vehicle entertainment system can take drivers' minds and eyes away from the wheel and the road. This kind of dangerous driving has been linked to a disturbing upswing in serious car accidents, especially those involving injuries or fatalities. Teens in particular may be vulnerable to distracted driving, a particular concern as many are inexperienced drivers who are less able to respond to emergency situations.

Effects and consequences of drunk driving

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, and even a small amount can lead to a decline in a person's visual functions and ability to judge what is in front of him or her. When combined with driving, it drastically raises the risk for a car crash. New York residents should know that from 2006 to 2017, the annual number of drunken driving deaths was over 10,000.

Birth injuries and other common medical errors

One type of medical error that New York patients may encounter is a medication mistake. This can happen at many different stages, including prescription, preparation and administration. A medication error could involve the wrong medication, the wrong amount or the wrong timing. It could occur because medications have similar names, because of mislabeling or because of poor communication.

Brake Safety Week to take place September 15 to 21

Brake Safety Week is an inspection spree that the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance holds every year across North America to enforce brake safety regulations among CMVs, especially big rigs. CMV drivers in New York will want to mark September 15 on their calendar because this will be the start of the 2019 Brake Safety Week. Inspections are held at random, and those who are caught violating regulations will be put out of service until the issue is fixed.

Keeping away from distractions while on the road

Distracted driving is behind thousands of fatalities every year around the country, so it is important that New York motorists know what to do to avoid it. It begins with knowing what constitutes a distraction, which can include everything from the use of phones and navigation systems to basic activities like eating, drinking and talking. Parents should also ensure that their teen drivers know this.


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