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Client Testimonials

I am so glad that my first lawsuit was handled by Gash and Associates. From the first day I met Gary Gash he and his staff never stopped being kind and considerate above all thorough. There was never a time I called to inquire about my case that I did not get a response. If there was one thing I can say about this company , they told me the truth regarding what to expect. They never over promised. They don’t work miracles but they are the good side of the Law.

I you are looking for legal representation I recommend Gash and Associates.

Gloria S.
Highland Lakes NJ

To all the members of Gash and Associates attorney at law, I wish to give my utmost thanks for all the rough years you guys stood by my side with my case, I must say even when I had little faith from all the pain my accident brought me through, I can say you guys never once eased off the pedal in reaching higher ground.

An important person to highlight is Fatima, a really wonderful lady and of grave empathy towards my many moment of questions, which were answered every step of the way.

If by any chance in the future I or anyone in need of a team, without doubt I would recommend Gash and Associates Attorney at Law.



Thank you for all your help throughout the years. You were more than our lawyer, you became our friend. Thanks for opening up your home to us. Your beautiful family made us feel very welcomed! Always wishing you guys many blessings and many happiness.

H. Family


I’m writing this letter to let you know that I was very impressed with the representation that I received from your firm.

It was very obvious to me from the beginning that I was more than just a client. You and your staff provided me support in many ways. Whether it was a simple “How are you feeling today?” to the unexpected hug, when things did not look so bright. I have to say that I never expected to be treated that well and in such a personable way. Attorneys are not known for their softer side, but that was not the case with you.

If anyone in my family or a friend should be in need of your services in the future, I will without hesitation give them your name. I know that they will be treated right.

Thank you again for being there and doing the right thing.

Your client, but also your friend,


Dear Gary,

It is with comforting warmth in my soul that I write to you. Gary, when I gaze upon my thoughts and see the character that your manhood represents I thank god for your finding me worthy and knowing a man as you walks this earth. I am eternally grateful and indebted to you. Your knowledge and perseverance on my behalf were boundless.

I am working towards restoring “me” to a good facsimile of the “me” on July 4th, 2003, not the 8th, the day of the accident.

I look forward to making a date to dine soon and enjoy long conversations of and about the antics (your dog) Willow’s incorrigible push of her (your other dog), and your darling, Sarah’s, school progress and me reminding you of the handsome son you have, the very one that emulates your every move (albeit) out of your sight. I speak and pass along your law firm name, as my darling daughter, Minion says, even in my sleep talking. I will always fondly know you; and will remain truly yours.


Dear Gary,

Thank you for all your help throughout the years. You were more than our lawyer. You became our friend. Thanks for opening your home to us, and your beautiful family. You always made us feel welcomed and a part of your life. We knew that you were with us all the way. Always wish you guys many blessings and happiness.


Dear Gary,

I can’t forget the long haul. But we made it! From my heart, I am so grateful for your hard work and the fight of strength that is in you. My prayer for you and your family is good health, peace, and joy.

God will continue to bless you, and keep the water in the glass near you always full!



Dear Gary,

My injuries have had such a devastating affect upon me, it has been very difficult for me at times to muster the strength to move on, and battle against all of the lies that I have heard from the defendant’s mouths. I sat there during the depositions and was outraged by their nonsense. I felt frustrated and even vulnerable. You sat there next to me the entire time, and spoke with me before and after, and convinced me to have the courage to go forward and continue to fight. At time I simply wanted to give up. You reminded me that the truth would come through and that you would do everything in your power, to obtain justice. I am glad that I listened to you. We finally obtained justice. I am so happy with the result. I am sorry for what I had to go through to get the result. But I am happy that I listened to you. Thank You for being there for me. I can now enjoy my retirement, and not worry about how I am going to pay for my expenses and move on with my life. You made a difference in my life.


Dear Gary,

Because my Gastroenterologist did a procedure one me, which never should have been done, and which was not done properly, I nearly died and spent almost a year in the hospital. Before coming to you, I had met with several well-known New York City mal-practice lawyers, who simply did not think I had a case. They had the case evaluated by their nurses and doctors and told me they couldn’t prove it. I then came to you. You reviewed the case, told me that it was difficult, but said to me that in your guts you believed that I was right and that I was wronged. You did not give up and found one of the most respected Gastroenterologists in the country who supported and championed my cause. Before my trial was to start, you settled it. I was delighted with the outcome. I am grateful that you did not give up when others did. I am forever in your debt.



Gary Gash was one of the nicest attorneys. Back in 1995 Mr. Gash represented me and my family. He was very personable and made me feel like a welcome client. Mr. Gash was eager to listen to what I had to say and always made time for us.


Mr. Gash has been representing me in a complex custody case and I have been extremely confident in his handling of it since the first time we met. I was referred to Mr. Gash by two previous clients, one of which was a police officer he represented on various cases, and his experience and professionalism is by far greater than I had expected to find anywhere. All associates in his office that I have had the pleasure of meeting and working with continue to display the same characteristics of Mr. Gash and I would trust any of them handling my case. I’ve never had an issue getting a hold of someone to ask a simple or lengthy question to ease my mind.

I was so very pleased with the professionalism of Mr. Gash. He was like heaven sent to me. I cannot express my gratitude to Gary enough for his handling of my case. His wisdom and his knowledge of his field of law taught me and inform me of things I never knew. I am so grateful for his laboring with me in my situation. Where others said NOT POSSIBLE- Gary stood and believed that ALL Things are possible. I would like to stress a great lesson that I learnt from my experience with Gash Associates, P.C. ” There has to be a struggle for the caterpillar in the web in order for it to be become a butterfly and be free.” DON’ T GIVE UP Gary, May the Lord continue to bless you and your firm and cause his Face to shine down upon you and bless you

– Rev. Sharon Y. Grizzell

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