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December 2018 Archives

Drunk driving fatalities more common among youth

Drunk driving takes the lives of thousands of people every year in New York and across the country. Around one-third of all traffic accident fatalities are linked to driving under the influence, and some people are at particularly high risk of dying in a drunk driving crash. Young people under 24, people with previous drunk driving convictions and motorcyclists are the most likely to lose their lives in these car crashes. Drunk drivers may crash into other vehicles at high speeds, causing catastrophic injuries including head trauma, blood loss or organ damage.

The cause of half of all pediatric safety errors

Safety errors in medicine are more common than most people would like to admit, and their consequences can be devastating for pediatric victims in New York. While human mistakes are one factor in the problem, errors in electronic health records may be the most significant. According to a study from Health Affairs, more than half of all errors that occurred in a pediatric setting were the result of wrong records. Incorrect delivery of medications was one of the primary consequences.

Laws regarding grandparent child custody

New York parents and grandparents who have questions about child custody should be aware of regional custody laws. In some regions, grandparents are allowed to petition a court for custody of their grandchildren. Even if the court does not award custody, grandparents may petition a court order for visitation rights when the parents do not allow them to see their grandchildren. However, not all regions have statutes that protect grandparents' rights, and national laws generally protect parents' rights to raise their children without interference. Many courts consider grandparent child custody an infringement of parental rights.

Avoiding car accidents in the winter

Drivers in New York who are preparing for the winter should keep these tips in mind. First, they should let a mechanic check all vehicle components for them, including the battery, spark plugs, ignition and brakes. A mechanic could also ensure the right antifreeze levels and tire pressure. Drivers' vehicles should be equipped with a tank of gas, fresh antifreeze and an emergency kit containing essentials like jumper cables, a first-aid kit and an ice scraper.


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