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November 2018 Archives

Workplace conditions are improving for transgender workers

The Civil Rights Act protects workers in New York and around the country against gender-based discrimination. However, the landmark 1964 law did not specifically address the issue of transgender individuals, and the courts have been inconsistent when tasked with determining whether or not Title VII protections apply to them. While the courts and legislators continue to debate the issue, the business community seems to be more than willing to move forward in this area. Indications that things are improving in the workplace for transgender individuals include improvements in the Corporate Equality Index. The CEI is a ranking of Fortune 500 company policies for LGBT workers that is released each year by the Human Rights Campaign. Only 3 percent of the companies included in the index had nondiscrimination policies that addressed gender identity in 2002, but that figure has since risen to 83 percent. The 2018 CEI also reveals that most of America's largest employers now offer their workers transgender-inclusive health insurance plans.

3 common causes of bus accidents

Many people choose to ride the bus as a main form of transportation. It is cheaper than a taxi, or even filling up a car every week, and it gives some individuals a sense of community. However, when a bus crashes, the riders can sustain serious injuries.

Brake Safety Week sidelines almost 5,000 commercial vehicles

Everyone in New York has to share the road with commercial vehicles, and well-maintained brakes play a significant role in the safe operation of trucks and buses. To promote compliance, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance organized a week-long inspection spree throughout North America. During Brake Safety Week in 2018, inspectors checked 35,080 commercial vehicles, and 4,955 of them had to be placed out of service for safety violations.

Tesla issues several safety claims on its Autopilot system

Many New York motorists are interested in autonomous driving technologies, especially for the safety boost that they could provide. When human error is taken out of the driving equation, car accidents could decline dramatically. So far, however, it's not clear how well the existing semi-autonomous systems perform in improving roadway safety. In Tesla's recently published voluntary report, the automaker claims that drivers who use its Autopilot system to automate some driving functions are less likely to be involved in a car accident.


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