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June 2018 Archives

Eyewitness errors can lead to wrongful convictions

Eyewitness testimony might not always be reliable in cases in New York. A man in California, who was identified both by the victim and witness in a rape case, was exonerated when DNA evidence indicated he did not commit the crime. He had spent eight years in prison.

Surgical fires remain a potential hazard for hospital patients

As many as 650 surgical fires occur each year in U.S. medical facilities with some of them inflicting serious injuries such as first- and second-degree burns, disfigurement and death. There have been cases where patients went in for gall bladder surgery or routine mole removal only to discover that surgical room complications led to them sustaining severe burn injuries.

2016 saw 3 percent rise in large truck accidents

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has gathered accurate data on the number of large truck accidents in 2016, recently publishing its findings in a data drill-down report. Drivers in New York who are wary around large trucks should know that the number of these accidents has increased.

Gauging the progress made toward gender equality

While many in New York and throughout the United States have called for gender equality, data suggests that little has changed since 1999. However, the issue of gender equality in the workplace is a complicated one, and progress depends on an individual's perspective on the matter. For instance, nearly half of woman respondents in one poll said that they were making more money than their husbands.

New York drivers, please 'Move Over' for certain vehicles

Earlier this year, two New York State Police troopers and a tow truck driver were struck and injured by a suspected drunk driver who failed to "move over." Since its inception in 2011, New York's "Move Over" law - aimed at protecting law enforcement and emergency personnel stopped along roadways - has led to the issuing of more than 15,000 tickets annually.


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