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April 2018 Archives

The dangers of inattention while behind the wheel

Drivers in New York might have heard a lot about the dangers of talking on a cellphone while driving, but one study says that drivers who daydream may be more dangerous than those who use their phones while behind the wheel. Researchers at Erie Insurance used the nationwide Fatality Analysis Reporting System to examine what factors law enforcement blamed for fatalities over the past five years. Distracted driving caused around 10 percent of the 172,000 deaths.

Chores, finances can lead to divorce

For many people in New York who decide to divorce, the end of a marriage comes after a lengthy period of unhappiness, often marked by arguments and fighting. While many may assume these arguments are most divisive when they address issues around child-rearing or infidelity, even mundane topics can lead toward divorce. For example, extensive disputes over housework and the distribution of household chores can be an indicator of the potential for a marriage to end.

Distracted driving behavior and awareness on the rise

Many New York drivers recognize the risks of distracted driving even as they engage in the same dangerous behaviors, according to the results of a study produced by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. The findings from the survey, which was conducted in tandem with the yearly Traffic Safety Culture Index, indicate that the number of drivers who say they regularly speak on a handheld mobile phone behind the wheel has grown 46 percent since 2013. However, at the same time, 88 percent of the survey participants noted their severe concerns about distracted driving in the United States.

Child support collection methods strengthened

More than $33 billion in child support payments are gathered annually in the United States. The vast majority of those payments are engineered through payroll deductions. New York parents dependent upon payroll deductions for their child support might be interested in knowing that the federal agency charged with overseeing the collection process is making changes to eliminate some procedures that result in missed payments.

Common injuries after a car crash

New York residents and anyone else who get into a car accident may experience mental and emotional issues. For instance, individuals involved in a car crash can have changes in mood or problems with memory. Issues with vision or hearing are also common effects of being in a car accident. People also may experience a variety of physical symptoms that do not manifest right away.

Birth injuries affect infant, mother

You've often heard the standard line from some mothers who declare that going through childbirth is such a wonderful experience. We don't doubt that for some, but it's really not the case for every mother and every child born in a hospital delivery room, birth center or even home.


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