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Updated lawsuit alleges discrimination against Oracle

For years, Oracle has been heralded as a leader in the technology sector. But a lawsuit filed by the Department of Labor claims the tech giant has major problems with gender and racial discrimination. The outcome of the suit could have lasting consequences for employers in New York and across the United States.

The lawsuit, filed in 2017, raises a series of troubling allegations against Oracle. The DOL claims a series of policies at the company promote discriminatory wages for black, female and Asian workers. In a recent update to the original complaint, the department alleges that the discrimination begins in the hiring process. Recruitment from colleges and universities results in unusually low numbers of black and females hires. While the number of Asian hires is high, the DOL alleges that many of those workers are foreign-born and require a work visa through Oracle to stay in the country. That puts tremendous leverage on the worker to settle for unfair wages or face removal from the United States.

Three of the most common birth injuries to look out for

If you or someone you know recently delivered, it is crucial to pay close attention to your baby’s condition. Some birth injuries aren’t spotted for years afterword, while others should be apparent right away.

According to national statistics, here are three of the most common birth injuries to keep an eye out for.

The benefits of keeping calm during the divorce process

When a couple in New York starts going through the divorce process, they have the power to decide if the divorce is going to be amicable or adversarial. Experience shows that when a couple is able to go through the divorce process in a peaceful, organized, and amicable way, the end result is often better than if it is a battle all the way through.

Each party must do their part to keep things peaceful. While people cannot completely control the way that their soon to be ex-spouses will react during the divorce process, they can control their own behavior. During the course of the marriage, spouses know what will set the other person off and the warning signs that show that they are getting upset themselves. If a situation seems volatile, each spouse needs to take it upon themselves to not engage and not do anything that is going to add to the toxicity of the interaction.

Safety group wants trucking sector to use crash-prevention tech

Most people recognize that an accident with one of the big rigs cruising the highways of New York could be catastrophic. These commercial vehicles can weigh as much as 80,000 pounds, and the group Road Safe America holds the position that large trucks should not exceed speeds of 65 mph. The group cited speeding as partially to blame for the increase in fatal truck accidents from 2009 through 2017.

During this period, federal crash data indicated that big rig crashes took 35,882 lives. A report from Road Safe America highlighted the need for crash-prevention technology that could reduce the number of fatal crashes. Speed limiters could stop drivers from speeding. Automatic emergency brakes could improve stopping times and thereby reduce accidents or lessen their severity.

Causes of car accidents that are more likely than you think

It’s common knowledge that most car accidents result from distractions, alcohol or recklessness behind the wheel. However, these three lesser-known causes of car accidents are much more likely than most drivers realize.

While you’re on the road, make sure not to let the potential for these hazards slip your mind.

Planning for college costs during a divorce

When New York couples decide to divorce, the financial effects of ending the marriage can be particularly serious. However, these consequences aren't necessarily limited to the divorcing spouses; they can affect their children as well. When parents make the decision to split, it can be an important time to review financial plans in order to protect the children's college funds and develop a strategy for savings. College tuition is already a significant concern for many parents, especially as the costs of attending a university continue to skyrocket.

However, careful planning can help to ease the burden of paying for school, even when parents have divorced. Because few people want to consider divorce when they are married, 66 percent of couples do not have a financial plan to handle a separation or partner's death. As a result, plans to pay for the children's university education are often based on the idea that both parents will be working together to save the needed funds. In the 2017-2018 academic year, tuition, room and board and fees cost an average of $20,770 for a public university and $46,950 for a private university annually.

Seven conditions that migraines are misdiagnosed as

Migraines can be mistaken for a variety of conditions, and even when they are part of another condition, doctors sometimes fail to treat them as a separate concern. According to one study, only 1 in 20 patients in New York and across the U.S. gets an accurate headache or migraine diagnosis. Below are seven conditions that migraines are commonly misdiagnosed as.

First are panic and anxiety attacks, characterized by nausea, vomiting, lightheadedness and head pain. Patients may develop anxiety from the stress of dealing with migraines, which only compounds the problem. Another condition is Meniere's disease. A disorder of the inner ear, it causes dizziness, vertigo and other symptoms associated with some forms of migraines.

Analysts say that the criminal justice system is unbalanced

The scales of justice are a well-known symbol used to represent the ideals of fairness. Everyone can have faith in a system if bias, privilege and corruption do not determine guilt or innocence. The First Step Act, signed into law in December 2018, is a federal law designed to initiate the start of removing inequities in federal sentencing guidelines. While this is a much-welcomed change for reform advocates, it applies only to federal criminals and felonies. Recent evidence has suggested there is a more widespread problem affecting many New York residents.

Statistics indicate that many state systems for misdemeanors are so overwhelmed by the sheer number of defendants that serious miscarriages of justice occur every day. An estimated 80 percent of the crimes charged in the U.S. are misdemeanors. This translates into roughly 13 million cases.

The risk of marrying out of one's league

New York men and women who are preparing to tie the knot may be interested to learn that those who marry partners more attractive than them may have a higher risk of getting divorced. According to a variety of research, couples who do not match in attractiveness may have marriages that are less successful.

For example, a study found that women who find their male partners to be less attractive were more likely to flirt with other individuals. They were also more likely to report that they felt less committed to their relationship. Some research suggests that jealousy on behalf of the less attractive partner can cause issues within the relationship.

Truck drivers struggle with fatigue on long hauls

Truck drivers spend long hours transporting cargo throughout New York and the rest of America. Drivers whose duties require them to travel long distances struggle the most with fatigue. Statistics about trucking accidents reveal the extent of the traffic hazards associated with long-haul truckers. Accidents arising from trips of over 51 miles accounted for 65 percent of commercial truck accidents. Surveys of truck drivers have exposed the disturbing fact that many of them have actually fallen asleep behind the wheel.

Various stimulants attract drivers who need to stay awake to cover many miles and meet delivery deadlines. The use of stimulants, however, could worsen the situation, especially when drivers turn to illegal drugs like cocaine or methamphetamine. The chemical effects of these drugs could interfere with cognitive abilities. A user's attention span, decision making and motor functions could become erratic. As the drugs wear off, one might experience extreme drowsiness, paranoia or aggressive behavior.


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