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Preparing for surgery? Know the signs of post-procedure infection

When your doctor recommended surgery here in New York, you might have had a thousand thoughts running through your mind. How would you be able to take that much time off work? Who would watch the kids? Would your insurance cover most, if not all of the expenses? Would the procedure be a success? Are there serious personal injury risks involved?

These several of many common questions people have when they learn that a doctor believes surgery is the best option toward better health. It's important, of course, to get to know your surgeon ahead of time and have the opportunity to ask questions and to learn more about the procedure you will undergo. Your surgeon must inform you of any known risks involved.

Five tips for staying safe on the road

In 2018, an estimated 40,000 people died in auto accidents in New York and across the U.S., and 4.5 million were injured as well. Every seven seconds in this country, someone is being injured in a car crash. To reduce the risk for a crash, then, drivers will want to incorporate five tips into their driving.

Actually, it all begins before one even enters the car. Vehicle maintenance is essential and should be handled by a professional. If drivers neglect this and their car develops bad brakes or electrical issues, they will either cause a crash or be unable to avoid danger ahead. Second, drivers should know not to drink and drive. Every year, drunk driving claims the lives of some 10,000 people, including drivers, pedestrians and cyclists.

Distracted driving a concern for teen passengers

Distracted driving poses a real threat on New York roads. Texting, surfing the internet or even using vehicle entertainment system can take drivers' minds and eyes away from the wheel and the road. This kind of dangerous driving has been linked to a disturbing upswing in serious car accidents, especially those involving injuries or fatalities. Teens in particular may be vulnerable to distracted driving, a particular concern as many are inexperienced drivers who are less able to respond to emergency situations.

According to one study, around 60% of parents said that their children reported being in a car while the driver was distracted. Researchers said that many parents focus on telling their kids to avoid distracted driving themselves. However, it can be just as important a safety message to advise teens to stay alert while getting a ride with someone else, particularly friends. Many driver education programs focus on telling teens themselves to stay safe behind the wheel. However, over 30% of teens ride in cars with other teens at least one or two times a week.

Fetal distress: Did your New York doctor miss the signs?

You might say you and your obstetrician have a close working relationship during pregnancy. It's always best if expectant moms regularly attend their prenatal visits. Your doctor knows just what to do and say during those visits to check your progress and make sure your baby's safe and healthy.

There are certain signs of fetal distress that the average licensed obstetrician and prenatal medical team should recognize. What happens once such signs are noticed depends on the exact circumstances of a particular situation. Your doctor may simply want to closely monitor you and your baby, or he or she might order you to bed rest or even admit you to the hospital if an urgent problem arises.

The various ways in which negligent care could affect your health

It is no secret that having to visit a medical facility for treatment can be a stressful and daunting experience. Should circumstances in life leave you in a hospital in search of medical care, you may rely on doctors and staff members to be capable of providing you with a certain standard of treatment.

Unfortunately, this might not always be the case, and any form of negligence that is present during your treatment could place your health in jeopardy. While there are a variety of scenarios in which a trip to the hospital could leave you suffering the consequences, some tend to be more prevalent than others.

Families, courts and feds fight nursing home abuse

If you think, judging from the news media, stories from friends and family or your personal experience, that American nursing homes are in crisis, you’re in good company.

Increasingly, the most vulnerable Americans have had to rely on families to help monitor facility conditions, pressure legislators and regulators, and hold facility owners accountable through the civil courts.

Marital satisfaction rates with lower income couples

Many New York couples are familiar with the idea that marriage begins full of enthusiasm and happiness and then those feelings slowly decline over the years as the honeymoon effect ends. Research suggests, though, that marital satisfaction can last many years after the couple exchange vows.

Studies that have been done on marital satisfaction are usually conducted with middle-class, predominantly white couples. A recent study performed by researchers at the University of Georgia and University of Texas looked at how socioeconomic status and marital satisfaction were connected. Their study involved more than 400 couples in lower-income neighborhoods. The couples involved were contacted multiple times over many years and were asked to respond to questions that measured their marital satisfaction.

Effects and consequences of drunk driving

Alcohol is a central nervous system depressant, and even a small amount can lead to a decline in a person's visual functions and ability to judge what is in front of him or her. When combined with driving, it drastically raises the risk for a car crash. New York residents should know that from 2006 to 2017, the annual number of drunken driving deaths was over 10,000.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that every day in the U.S., 30 people die in drunken driving crashes. The annual cost relating to these fatal crashes, including damages from personal injury claims, can sometimes reach as high as $44 billion.

Birth injuries and other common medical errors

One type of medical error that New York patients may encounter is a medication mistake. This can happen at many different stages, including prescription, preparation and administration. A medication error could involve the wrong medication, the wrong amount or the wrong timing. It could occur because medications have similar names, because of mislabeling or because of poor communication.

Birth injuries are another common type of medical error. These can result in harm or even death for the mother or the child. Some birth injuries occur when the baby is too forcibly pulled from the birth canal during labor. These include fractures and facial paralysis. A baby may suffer oxygen deprivation because of problems with the umbilical cord, being left in the birth canal too long or being poorly supervised after birth. This can lead to brain injuries, seizures and cerebral palsy.

Over one-fifth of U.S. workers over 40 report age discrimination

More than one-fifth of workers over 40 in New York and across the U.S. have experienced age discrimination according to a recent survey by specialty insurer Hiscox USA. As a result of the findings, the company is warning companies to address the issue to avoid discrimination lawsuits.

For the survey, Hiscox researchers polled 400 full-time American workers age 40 and above. They found that 21% of participants said they have encountered age-related workplace discrimination. They also found that most participants began noticing discrimination around the age of 51. Despite experiencing age-related discrimination, only 40% of participants chose to file a charge or complaint. Of those who declined to report the discrimination, 54% said they didn't want to create a hostile work environment as the reason for not taking action. Another 24% cited not knowing how to make a complaint as the reason.


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